Our company was founded in 1947 by an Indian immigrant who reached Argentina with the formulas to manufacture different condiments which were used specially in the recipes of european dishes in his origin country.

At this point, it is important to say that a largenumber of English colonizers were established in India.

The arrival of Indian and English immigrants to our country, was related to the huge development of the trains industry.

The condiments that were initially developed were the soy sauce, curry sauce, english sauce, chili sauce (tabassher), mangos chutney and many others.

These products were specially sold to restaurants which had european clients.

Among our original clients we can mention Club Inglés, Club Americano., Club Alemán, Hurlingan Club, Hotel Alvear, Dietética Polti, Villares, maritime suppliers, Garland, Casa Grande, Mattina Hnos, Holandesa, Nielsen, etc.

Nowadays our company has grown and developed and we also have as clients to the main chains of supermarkets like Disco, Coto, Norte, Carrefour, Jumbo, Wal Mart, La Patagonia, Auchan.

We have incorporated to our list of products a line ofsalt with low quantity of sodiumin different flavors: garlic, onions, celery and no flavor, no salt soy sauce, no salt tartara sauce, soy and garlic sauce, tamarindo sauce, mushrooms sauce, dijon mustard, etc.

We go on manufacturing handmade sauces and we select first quality ingredients.

In the spices area, we supply shops and industries, and we directly import spices of different parts of the world, such as green pepper, cardamome seeds, fenugreek, dill, ginger, jamaica pepper, etc.

We are a team of twenty five persons, dedicated to the manufacturing of the products , their commercialization and administration.

In our company you will find a very cordial and efficient treatment no matter the purchase capacity of each client.